Hello, my name is Steve...

and I like loud guitars


I've played all around California's central coast and in the Los Angeles area. Starting off playing at keg parties around the central coast, I also did some legitimate lounge/bar gigs for a few years. Then, to Hollywood and some other places in LA. Lots of fun - some endeavors with freakin weirdos along the way, but lots of interesting people for the most part.

These days I play for fun.

My main guitar is a 1977 Les Paul Standard with a cherry sunburst finish. This little gem is made of solid mahogany and it has great sustain, but it is pretty friggin heavy. I like to play it through my Marshall Plexi 1987x. The Les Paul has a various Duncan pickups.

Here are a few links to some archives... Fine Print 80s ... Sleepwalkers 89 ... Nextyme 80s ... Steve and Steve 98